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Turn heads instantly with colour…

We don’t just love colour - we live colour! Make an appointment for a free consultation to discuss your hair colouring or highlights. P.S. Did you hear that the perm is making waves again?

At Robert Byrne Hairdressing, we don’t just love colour - we live colour - and we see its dramatic effects on our clients every day. The right hair colour offers instant boosting power to more than eyes and skin colour, it can also provide a boost confidence and self-esteem. Change can be good and daunting but left in the safe hands of our creative and experienced team, rest assured you will walk out of our salon loving your new colour and your new you. Whether you want to stay au natural or stand out from the crowd, we have a colour to compliment every client and offer expert advise on all of the techniques below.

Whatever the colour and method that you choose. we promise to deliver on your desired result and give expert tips about how best to maintain your new look at home and in between appointments.

Full Head Colour

Bolder, long lasting colour.

Semi-Permanent Hair Colour

Temporary colour.


Sunkissed, natural, painted-on style that won’t give noticeable regrowth.

Grey/Root Regrowth Coverage

Complete coverage or blend in colour to compliment or help complete grow out of grey.



We also do traditional highlights which involve partial or spot hair colouring where just a few sections of hair are dyed. Highlights are a great way to add depth, dimension and movement to your hair. Highlights can also be blended with lowlights for a natural, sun-kissed look.


Lowlights add depth and dimension to the hair by colouring sections a shade or two darker than the natural base colour. Lowlights are also a great way to add volume to your hair as they tend to make the hair look thicker.

If you would like to book a complimentary hair colour consultation with a member of our team or would like to book your next hair colour appointment, please call us on 046 902 1176 / 046 907 1100.



That's how we roll…

Back in the '80s, curls were very trendy - remember Pretty Woman? The look was high volume with plenty of waves and everybody wanted a perm. Then GHD straighteners were born and the perm style fell somewhat out of favour, but not completely. 2018, retro is back and with it the perm making waves again.

We know that in today's fast-paced world our clients at Robert Byrne Hairdressing do not have time to perfect the daily curl, so they tend to opt for a perm that saves on time and will last for months. Unlike back in the '80s, where it was a one-curl-fits-all, you can now choose which type of perm or wave that you want.

One of our expert stylists will assess your hair type, then help you decide what perming technique is best for you. They will also offer advice about which products to use to make your perm last longer and look better.

Spiral Perm

Tight curls, corkscrew, ringlets.

Body Perm

Loose gentle curls good for adding volume to thin hair.

Spot/Plain Curl Perm

Curls section of hair e.g. the ends to give that natural look.

Multi-Textured Perm

Varying size of curls to give non-uniform natural look, suitable for long hair.


Root Perm

Curled at the root to give lift and volume to rest of hair that is flat and limp, suitable for short hair.

Loose Wave Perm

Loose curl, natural beach hair look, suitable for all hair lengths.

To book a consultation, call the salon on 046 902 1176 or 046 907 1100.