Hair Colour Correction

Hair Colour Correction at Robert Byrne Hairdressing Salon in Navan, County Meath

If you’ve dyed your hair at home or elsewhere and it has been a disaster, do not worry.  The hair colour experts at Robert Byrne Hairdressing in Navan can fix your hair colour problems and return your hair to a beautiful colour and condition.  

During a hair colour appointment, we will assess the problem and discuss the options available to correct the colour and any damage.   Please contact us as soon as possible on 0469021176 or 0469071100 so we can help with your hair colour change.

We would strongly advise against trying to fix any hair colour issues yourself.  In our experience, this usually makes the problem worse. 


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County Meath

Help! My Hair Colour Is The Wrong Shade…

Has your hair colour turned out too dark or too light?  Our hair colour experts will carefully assess your hair and work out a plan to return your hair to beautiful once more. Book in for a consultation with one of our experts as soon as possible. 



My Hair Colour is Uneven and Patchy!

If you have dark or light bands of colour where your tint has been over-applied, or your highlights have turned out brassy or yellow, do not panic!  The hair colour experts at Robert Byrne Hairdressing can help.  Whatever your hair colour problem, we have the training, experience and expertise to correct your colour. 


Hair Colour Correction Appointments at Robert Byrne Hair Salon in Navan, County Meath

Please book in for your hair colour correction with one of our experienced colour specialists by calling 046 9021176 or 046 9071100.