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Fancy Changing Your Hair Colour? Visit Robert Byrne Hairdressing Salon in County Meath

Changing your hair colour can have truly remarkable results. Not only can it bring out the colour of your eyes, lift your skin tone and promote a more youthful appearance…it can also boost your confidence!

The talented team of hair colourists at Robert Byrne Hair Salon in County Meath have a huge amount of experience in delivering the finest hair colour results. We are proud tostock Cairn products – environmentally-friendly hair colour that delivers beautiful results time and time again.

We use many hair colour techniques including:

Full Head of Hair Colour

Turn heads for all the right reasons with an all-over hair colour application at Robert Byrne Hairdressing in Navan. Our highly skilled colourists will take several factors into account before your hair colour transformation, including the health of your hair, your skin tone, lifestyle and personality, to help you find the perfect look for you. 

We can also give lots of professional advice on how to maintain your new hair colour by using the right products for your hair type and by keeping up with regular appointments at our hair salon in Navan.


Semi-Permanent Hair Colour

Hair colour doesn’t always have to be permanent. If you’re not quite sure whether you want to commit to a permanent hair colour, why not try a semi-permanent hair colour instead? SSemi-permanenthair colours can also provide fantastic coverage, especially when colouring grey hair.


Highlights and Lowlights

Add depth, richness and tone to your hair colour with highlights or lowlights at Robert Byrne Hairdressing. Highlights or lowlights are the perfect choice if you want to lift your natural hair colour, add depth of colour or some flashes of colour. Highlights or lowlights can also be applied to cover and blend some of those stubborn grey hairs.



Balayage is a French word meaning ‘to sweep’ or ‘to paint’. It allows for sun-kissed natural looking hair colour with softer, less noticeable regrowth lines. Less is more when it comes to this technique – the finished result is usually soft and natural-looking rather than the uniform highlights that foils can sometimes give.

Covering Grey Hair or Colouring Root Regrowth

Wave goodbye to the dreaded box-dye kit! Covering grey hairs or root regrowth can easily be achieved by one of our professionals who can match your natural hair colour or subtly blend those pesky grey hairs.

Book Your Hair Colour Appointment at Robert Byrne Hairdressing Salon in Navan

If you would like to book a complimentary hair colour consultation with a member of our highly skilled team, or would like to book your next hair colour appointment at our hairdressers in Navan, please call us on 0469021176 / 0469071100 today.

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