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Easy Beach Hairstyles

Easy Beach Hairstyles

Top Beach Hairstyles from Robert Byrne Hairdressing Salon in County Meath, Navan

Are you planning on a lazy summer? If so you’ll want a holiday hairstyle that is quick and easy. Our team of hairstyling experts at Robert Bryne hairdressing salon in County Meath, Navan bring you their top picks to the most stylish summer hairstyles for 2017.

The hot rays of the sun, sea salt and pool chlorine can be harsh on your locks so make sure you book in for a cut & finish to keep those split ends in check or brighten up your hair colour at Robert Bryne Hair Salon in County Meath.

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Plaited Summer Hairstyles at Top County Meath Hair Salon

Plaits are a fun look and work on short, mid-length and longer hair lengths. Add micro-plaits to a short hairstyle, loose braids for medium-length hair and a side braid for longer hair.

Start your morning on the beach by tying your hair into a firm plait which can work its way loose to create a relaxed plaited hairstyle as day morphs into night. 

plaited hairstyles at Robert Bryne hair salon in Counth Meath

High & Low Ponytails Hairstyles at Robert Bryne Hair Salon in County Meath

Sleek low ponytails are a popular look and have been seen on many a celeb and catwalk over recent months. Wear your ponytail high on the crown for a stylish, sleek look or try adding curls and wear your hair lower in the nape of the neck for a glanourous look.

summer hairstyles at robert Bryne hairdressing salon summer hairstyles at robert Bryne hairdressing salon

Slicked Back Hair Ideas for Summer at Robert Bryne Hairdressing Salon in County Meath

Looking for a cool, hassle free hairstyle that is easy to achieve? The slicked back hairstyle is a popular hair trend on the red carpet and is really easy to achieve. Simply add some styling gel to your hair and slick it back off your face for a glossy and polished look.

Robert Bryne Hair Salon in County Meath

Top Knot Hairstyles for Summer at Robert Bryne

Looking for a stylish and youthful hairstyle that is on-trend? This summer opt for the simple top knot for a modern beachy look that works on mid length and longer length hair. Or if you prefer a messier bun hairstyle pull strands of hair loose to fall loose around your shoulders.

hairstyles at Robert Bryne hair salon

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