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Head Lice – Our Top Tips

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Head Lice are every parent’s worst nightmare at going back to school time.

The best prevention is to keep long hair tied up in a plait or a bun! Here are few pointers to help.

1) Inspect children’s hair for lice regularly – ideally twice a week. Use a wet comb made for the purpose. Combing through wet hair makes the process easier. Good light is important.

2) Check close to the scalp, behind the ears, around the nape of the neck, the top of the head and under the fringe.

3) Treat the hair only if live lice or unhatched eggs are present. Treat the child and other family members as soon as possible. Always ask your hairdresser or pharmacist for advice on the most appropriate treatment to use.

4) Inform the school and friends when your child has head lice. The school can then inform other parents that there is an outbreak, so that everyone can check and treat their own children if needed.

5) Most importantly, read the instructions and treat properly and repeat the treatment the following week to make sure that all of the eggs etc. are gone.

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