Hot news: The Babylghts Trend!

Hot news: The Babylghts Trend!

Get the latest Babylights hair colour at Robert Byrne Hairdressing in Navan

Bored of dull, flat hair? Want subtle, natural colour that’s easy to maintain this Summer? Babylights is the hot new highlighting trend that’s taking the hair industry by storm. Babylights is a new technique that gives you ultra-thin highlights reminiscent of the subtle, delicate highlights we often see on childrens’ hair – No more solid blocks of colored hair! Robert Byrne Hairdressing salon in Navan has the low down…

What are the benefits?

The best thing about babylights is that they can be applied to any hair colour to match any skin tone, so even brunettes and redheads can benefit and have highlights that are matched perfectly to their hair and skin. And even better, babylights suit all types from ultra straight to super curly and everything in between. The ultimate goal is to make sure your hair colour compliments your skin tone for a perfectly natural look, so ask your colour technician about the right shades for your hair. For olive or dark skin tones, we would recommend a rich gold or honey tone, while cool blondes could take icy platinum babylights or creamy yellow tones.

So, how does it work?

The application process is similar to getting regular highlights but takes longer due to the very precise placement of the colour.   Your colourist will use tiny stands of hair and small gaps between foils achieve the perfect blend with your main hair colour. You can have babylights to simply frame your face or they can be blended across your whole head using very fine pieces of hair.

How do I maintain the look?

If you hate having to get your roots done regularly, this is the colour trend for you. The highlights are so fine you avoid getting the heavy demarcation line as your hair grows and you’ll have a softer grow out that remains looking natural for longer. To keep your hair looking it’s very best, you’ll still want a full head of babylights to be touched up by your Elements colourist every eight weeks, and strands here and there can be touched up every 12-14 weeks for a really long-lasting colour.

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