May SPECIAL OFFER: Philip Kingsley Hair Growth Capsules

May SPECIAL OFFER: Philip Kingsley Hair Growth Capsules

Boost Your Hair’s Growth, Health and Quality at Robert Byrne Hairdressing Salon in Navan

Did you know that protein is essential to optimum hair growth? Now you can really boost your intake with Philip Kingsley’s ‘PK4’ Soy Protein capsules –  a soy protein nutritional supplement fortified with the amino acids that are beneficial to hair health, quality and growth.  They are especially helpful for those who don’t get enough protein in their diet.

Even better? We have a SPECIAL OFFER running throughout May on these miracle capsules NOW €30 RRP €36. 

Visit our award-winning Navan salon to purchase yours or call a member of our friendly team for more information on 0469021176 / 0469071100.

Soya-Based Protein Supplement

Soya Protein is a source of essential amino acids, which are the building blocks of Keratin – the protein that hair is made of. Protein nutrients are absorbed by the hair follicle during the Anagen (growth) phase of the hair growth cycle. 

BENEFITS:Boosts Your Hair Growth, Health and Quality

Hair has the 2nd fastest cell turnover in the body; as such its nutritional needs are great. However, as hair is considered ‘non-essential’, nutrients will go to main organs such as heart, lung etc. first. Therefore it’s especially important to consider nutrients required for healthy hair via supplementation! Improvements in hair quality will be visible after 3 months, the results are quicker in nails. Suitable for vegetarians.